Assortment ColorGetix

Assortment Colorgetix

Colorgetix has a large online assortment of LED lighting. The assortment consists of several product lines. All products are selected on trustworthiness and quality. Colorgetix offers user-friendly LED strips and LED products. Colorgetix is adapted to the wishes and needs that come with LED lighting.


The Colordots line consists of independently controlled LED dots, which makes it possible to play videos. The Colorlines line has a wide range of LED strips; from multicolor LED strips to water resistant LED strips and flexible LED strips. The Colorcontroller line consists of LED dimming equipment and LED controllers, running on DMX and set to 0-10 volts. You can find the power supply units for the LED dimming equipment and LED strips in the Colordriver line. In the Colorprofile line you can find several profiles to install LED strips with.

Colorgetix led strips Colorlines

In the Colorlines line you will find a wide range of LD strips that Colorgetix offers. From multicolor LED strips to water resistant and flexible LED strips. Your search for the right LED strip will be simplified by the menu. Here you can select the desired IP level for your LED strip and select the desired color. A selection of LED strips will be shown that comply with your criteria.

Colorgetix led drivers Colordriver

In the Colordriver line you will find LED drivers offered by Colorgetix. Colorgetix offers several different LED drivers. There can be chosen between different watt levels, voltages, and IP levels. You can find the product specifications of the LED drivers on the product page. The LED strips are accompanied by product information, which helps you with finding the best LED driver for your needs.

Colorgetix Colorcontroller

The Colorgetix Colorcontroller contains LED controllers. The controller line contains LED dimming equipment. Next to normal LED dimming equipment, the Colorcontroller line also contains LED dimming equipment running on DMX and DMX splitters. There is a wide choice of LED controllers, and there is always a LED controller that will fit your needs.

Innovative in LED lighting

Colorgetix has an eye for possibilities, and is therefore innovative. The sense of style and technique can be seen in the different LED fixtures from the Colorbasics, Coloraccents and Coloroutside lines. Colorgetix is always looking for opportunities and solutions. Colorgetix has a large amount of products in stock, and can therefore quickly deliver products.


High quality LED lighting…

ColorGetix has a large online selection of high-quality LED lighting. LED lighting is versatile for a variety of lighting projects. Colorgetix offers a wide range of opportunities in LED lighting, with quality and reliability in mind. The wide range of online Colorgetix consists of various product lines.