LED Lighting possibilities

LED Lighting possibilities

LED lighting offers a broad range of possibilities. The possibilities that LED lighting offers, is not left unnoticed by Colorgetix.Colorgetix has a wide range of LED lighting products. From LED strips to LED fixtures for basic lighting in your home, store, restaurant, bar or hotel. Next to LED lighting, Colorgetix also has product lines with LED accessories. With LED accessories one should think of LED drivers, LED dimming equipment and LED controllers.

LED light dimming

It is often thought that LED light cannot be dimmed. However, this is not true. With LED dimming equipment you can dim LED lighting. In the Colorcontroller line you can find a variety of LED dimming equipment that Colorgetix offers. In addition, Colorgetix can advise you in what LED dimming equipment suits best with the LED lighting you have chosen. The LED dimming equipment as well as the LED lighting is of high quality. By dimming light, you can create extra ambiance when desired. During activities like cleaning, there is a need for more light, and with LED dimming equipment one can regulate the lighting perfectly, and adjust it to ones’ needs.

Different LED colors

With LED lighting, one can create different shades of light. The LED strips from the Colorlines line, can be delivered in different colors. For instance red, green, blue, warm white and cool white. Next to single color LED strips, it is also possible to order LED strips that can emit multiple colors. In the Colorlines line you can find LED strips with red, green and blue light, but also LED strips with red, green, blue and white light. In addition, one can choose between cool white light and warm white light. With the option to emit white light with a LED strip, it is possible to produce shades of pastel. By using the different colors on a LED strip, it is possible to generate an extra ambiance. A LED strip can be the finishing touch for your interior decoration.

Bennefits LED lighting

Next to the aforementioned options there is of course a lot more possible in the field of LED lighting. It is important to remember that LED lighting is an energy efficient choice, and has a lot of benefits. That LED lighting is energy efficient, can be noticed when you save a lot of money on your electricity bill. Also, LED lighting does not radiate a lot of heat, which makes it child friendly. This makes LED lighting not only cost-efficient, but also safe.


High quality LED lighting …

ColorGetix has a large online selection of high-quality LED lighting. LED lighting is versatile for a variety of lighting projects. Colorgetix offers a wide range of opportunities in LED lighting, with quality and reliability in mind. The wide range of online Colorgetix consists of various product lines.