Arise Colorgetix

Arise Colorgetix

Colorgetix was founded due to the increasing demand for high quality LED lighting. Unfortunately a lot of low quality cheap LED lighting is still being sold. Colorgetix offers trustworthy LED lighting and fulfills the demand for high quality LED lighting. LED lighting with a classification has more operating hours.

User friendly LED lighting

Colorgetix offers a-class LED lighting. The LED lighting offered by Colorgetix has a high user friendliness level. All the LED strips and other LED lighting products are specifically explained. Also advice is given about what LED driver, controller and/or dimming equipment to use in combination with your LED strip or LED lighting. The Colorgetix Colorlines line offers a large collection in LED lighting. Every LED strip from the Colorgetix Colorlines line is specifically explained. For example, it is explained how to install a LED strip, what driver to use, but also how much electricity it uses.

Reliability Colorgetix LED lighting

To guarantee the quality of the LED lighting, Colorgetix only offers certified LED lighting. The LED lighting is CE certified. This accreditation means that all LED lighting must comply with European rules and regulations. Because of this you can be sure that the LED lighting can be trusted. Next to the CE accreditation, Colorgetix LED lighting also complies with the RoHS guidelines.

Expertise in LED lighting

Through the years Colorgetix has grown to become an expert in the field of LED lighting. Colorgetix LED lighting saves energy. Colorgetix LED lighting has more operating hours and is safe. Because of years of experience in the field of LED strips and LED lighting Colorgetix has built up expertise about the LED lighting industry. The LED strips collection can be found in the category “Colorlines”, the LED drivers can be found in the category “Colordrivers”, and the LED controllers can be found in the category “Colorcontroller”. With a vast supply of LED lighting, Colorgetix offers an enormous choice in LED lighting and equipment. From LED strips, LED drivers, LED controllers to LED dimming equipment, Colorgetix is the right company for the job.


High quality LED lighting …

ColorGetix has a large online selection of high-quality LED lighting. LED lighting is versatile for a variety of lighting projects. Colorgetix offers a wide range of opportunities in LED lighting, with quality and reliability in mind. The wide range of online Colorgetix consists of various product lines.