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Professional LED lighting

An increasing demand for LED lighting and a shortage of high quality products were reasons for ColorGetix to develop professional LED lighting. ColorGetix develops reliable LED products that can be used in various lighting projects.


ColorGetix has extensive experience in the field of lighting projects. Throughout the years, ColorGetix emerged as a specialist in the field of LED lighting. ColorGetix is innovative, and motivated by the endless possibilities that LED lighting provides. Because LED lighting is a sharp point light, it is easier to target the light.


In the field of LED lighting, a lot is possible. LED lighting is versatile for a broad variety of lighting projects. ColorGetix provides the ability to exploit opportunities to optimize the area benefits. Specific advice, adapted to your needs and desires.


ColorGetix develops user friendly LED strips and LED products. These are customized to the desires and needs of the customers. ColorGetix delivers LED dimmers that offer the possibility to easily dim the lights.


ColorGetix has an eye for opportunities and is therefore innovative. The sense of style and the magnificent techniques are mainly found in the different LED fixtures from the Colorbasics, Coloraccents and Colouroutside collections. ColorGetix is always looking for opportunities and solutions. ColorGetix keeps products in stock, making it possible to deliver products quickly.


The names of the collections in the assortment are chosen by ColorGetix itself. Did you know that each LED strip in the Color Line series has its own unique name? The LED strips from the Color Line series are named after African animals. ColorGetix can be recognized by the unique names of their products.

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ColorGetix has a large online selection of high-quality LED lighting. LED lighting is versatile for a variety of lighting projects. Colorgetix offers a wide range of opportunities in LED lighting, with quality and reliability in mind. The wide range of online Colorgetix consists of various product lines.