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No protection against water

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Protection against splashing water

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Protection against stay underwater

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Colorlines is the Colorgetix professional serie LED lighting strips. LED strips are often used to give a room extra atmosphere. With LED strips is it also possible to light out an dark corner of a room. The Colorgetix Colorlines serie has different types of LED strips. The LED lighting line of Colorgetix offers great possibilities and is made with high quality.

Color LED strips

The Colorlines LED strips are available in various colors, such as red (R), green (G) and blue (B). You can also choose between a cool white led strip (CW) and a warm white led strip (WW). The combination of different colors on a strip, are there several colors to produce. With the addition of a warm white on an RGB LED strip can be even pastel shades of light produced (RGBW).

Led strip IP value

Colorgetix Color Lines has led strips with different IP values​​. The IP value says something about the water resistance and dust resistance of a strip. A Color Lines led strip with an IP 20 is not waterproof. An LED strip with an IP rating of IP 65 protection against dust. The strip is safe to touch because the housing is completely closed, and provides complete protection against dust. A Colorgetix led strip of IP 65 is not waterproof, but water jets. A Colorgetix led strip of IP68 is waterproof, and also provides protection against dust. It is possible to search by entering the IP value would you prefer a search. You can also refine your search by entering a color preference, so you can quickly find the LED strip you’re looking for.

Connection led lighting

To connect a Colorgetix Colorlines LED lighting strip, an LED lighting driver from the Colordriver series is needed. The choice of the right Colorgetix Color Driver for LED lighting is dependent on the number of meters LED strip that must be connected to the driver and the number of watts per meter led strip; Connect several meter led strip X number of watts per meter = The required watts for the driver. Caution! Always count 10% extra on the required watts for the LED strip driver, there is no maximum number of watts, but the driver for the LED lights should never be too low. The Colorgetix Corlorlines LED strips are made of high quality. For customized advice abouth LED lighting, you always can ask Colorgetix. Colorgetix is a specialist in the field of LED lighting.


High quality LED lighting …

ColorGetix has a large online selection of high-quality LED lighting. LED lighting is versatile for a variety of lighting projects. Colorgetix offers a wide range of opportunities in LED lighting, with quality and reliability in mind. The wide range of online Colorgetix consists of various product lines.