Dori AR111 Colorlamps LED light source – AR70

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Dori AR111 Colorlamps LED light source

The Dori AR111 from the Colorgetix Colorlamps series is a LED lighting source with wattage of 15W. The color temperature is 2500K. The light beam of the Dori is 24°. The working voltage is Max 500mA. The Dori AR111 has an IP standard of IP20 and is therefore not water resistant.

Colorgetix Colorlamps

The 24° rotating LED makes the Colorlamps unique. The difference between LED and halogen is almost not noticeable. Because of the special reflector in the Colorlamps, the Colorlamps reflect the light like a traditional halogen lighting source. With the use of this reflector the LED light sources of the Colorgetix will not be blinded. The Colorlamps LED lighting sources are perfectly dimmable and create a perfect warm light (2500 K).

Connecting Dori AR111

The Dori AR111 can be connected with different power controlled drivers. The power controlled drivers can be dimmed in certain ways. The Dori AR111 needs a power controlled power supply. The fittings that need a power controlled driver are recognizable by the additional “Constant Current” or a specification as mA like 500mA. A power controlled LED module is always connected in a series. A power controlled LED driver allows all the connected modules to receive the same power. The output voltage could always vary. The power controlled drivers are primarily dimmable, push, 1-10V and/or DALI dimmable. Take a look at the Colorgetix Colordrivers for all the possibilities.


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Colorgetix has a wide range of LED lighting and offers a wide range of possibilities for various lighting projects. If you choose Colorgetix, you are assured of reliable and high quality products. Colorgetix can deliver the LED strip in a plug & play manner.


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Color temperature:
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15 Watt
2500 K
Max. 500mA