Leon RGBW 4CH6A 12-24v DC

Art.nr.: 21512


The Leon Colorcontroller dimmer is a reliable uncomplicated LED controller/dimmer to dim your LED lighting wireless. The Lobo LED controller/dimmer allows you to dim your LED lighting, change the colors and/or change the color programs. This led controller is able for voltage-controlled sources.

The Colorgetix Colorcontroller Leon has 4 output channels for a total of 288-576 watt (4x6Ampere). The input voltage is 12-24v DC. The Leon is not waterproof and has an IP value of IP20.

Colorgetix Colorcontroller voltage-controlled

A voltage-controlled controller works with equal voltage and variable electricity. The output voltage of a voltage-controlled LED controller is always the same. On the other hand, the electric current becomes more. If more light sources are connected to a voltage-controlled LED controller, they will have to be connected parallel to each other.

Use Leon RGBW

The Colorgetix Leon RGBW colorcontroller makes it possible to use different shades of a RGBW LED strip separately from a distance to 25 meter. The Leon LED controller has a loop function with adjustable speed and you can choose warm white, cool white and daylight by the RGBW color mix.

The Leon RGBW Colorcontroller has a memory of 20 preinstalled programs.


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Input Voltage:

Output Current: 



12-24v DC
4x 6A
288-576 watt