Led driver PLN 60watt 24v DC IP64

Art.nr.: 37332


The PLN series is a good solution for wet areas.
The Colorgetix Colordriver PLN60-24 LED driver has a power of 60 watts. The input voltage is 100- 240V AC and the output voltage is 24V DC. The Meanwell PLN60-24 LED driver is dust- and splash proof and has an IP value of IP64.

Connection LED Lightning to LED Driver

To be able to connect LED strips and LED lighting from the Colorlines series, a color driver is needed. Colorgetix offers in the Colordriver series various LED drivers. A difference is made between voltage-controlled drivers and current-controlled drivers. A driver makes sure that that electric current or voltage is always sent into one direction. Choosing the right LED driver depends on a few factors.  An LED dimmer or an LED controller can be connected between the LED driver and the light source.

Colorgetix Colordriver current-controlled driver

Current-controlled drivers are used for current-controlled light sources. A current-controlled driver has equal electricity, but not an equal voltage. It is possible to connect several light sources to one current-controlled driver. If more light sources are connected to one current-controlled driver, they will have to be put in series. Better light sources are often current-controlled. A current-controlled driver is indicated with mA. Beware! A current-controlled driver always has to be connected energized.

Colorgetix Colordriver voltage-controlled driver

A voltage-controlled driver works with equal voltage and variable electricity. The output voltage of a voltage-controlled LED driver is always the same. On the other hand, the electric current becomes more. If more light sources are connected to a voltage-controlled LED driver, they will have to be connected parallel to each other.


ColorGetix pays the utmost attention to its products, whose quality is constantly monitored. Our products have a long life, but how small the probability, it can always happen that a product fails. For products that do not seem to work, by manufacturing faults or because of us, we will offer a replacement product within the warranty period. ColorGetix is not liable for any consequential damages.

For the preservation of LED lighting and LED strips it is necessary to choose the right driver. Colorgetix can help you choose the right LED driver. At Colorgetix you are at the right address for any questions about LED lighting, but also for technical support. Over the years Colorgetix has built an expertise in the field of LED lighting and offers high-quality LED lighting and LED products.


Input Voltage:

Output Voltage:
Output Current: 

Height – Width – Depth:

2,5A max.
60 Watt
145 – 47 – 30 mm