Sabakoe surface mounting 180° profile

Art. Nr.: 41700

Sabakoe surface mounting 180° profile

The Sabakoe is a surface mounting 180° profile from the Colorgetix Colorprofiles series. The Sabakoe is a LED profile which is made of high quality anodized aluminium. A LED profile supports a beautiful finish of the LED strips and that is why it is used for a great variety of lighting projects.  A LED profile also helps in creating a longer lifetime of the LED strips. This is because a LED profile has a great heating supply.

Characteristics Sabakoe surface mounting 180° Colorprofiles LED profile

The Sabakoe surface mounting 180°  LED profile from the Colorgetix Colorprofiles series is a solid LED profile with a height of 24,6mm, an outside width of 20mm and an inside width of 16,20mm. The Colorgetix Colorprofiles LED profiles are made of anodized aluminium, which means that the LED profiles are provided with a special coating so that the LED profiles of Colorgetix do not rust. The Colorgetix Colorprofiles Sabakoe is available in different lengths and is extra wide. The Sabakoe surface mounting 180° LED profile is suitable for every strip with a width of 16mm.

Extension Sabakoe surface mounting 180° Colorprofiles LED profile

The Sabakoe Colorgetix Colorprofiles LED profile could be extended with accessories, like end covers for the LED profiles to diffusers, like an opal diffuser.

Applications Colorgetix Colorprofiles LED profiles

Led profiles are used for different lighting projects. The possibilities are endless. A LED profile is an attractive addition to the common lighting and gives a LED strip just the extra stylish touch. The implementation of Colorprofiles LED profiles vary from private homes, stores, food service industry or offices. Attach the LED profile to the side of a mirror, to furniture or use it to illuminate your kitchen by placing a Colorgetix Colorprofiles LED profile above your kitchen counter. Your stairs could also be illuminated with a LED strip and a LED profile. A LED profile does not use that much space and really is multifunctional employable.


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Colorgetix has a wide range of LED lighting and offers a wide range of possibilities for various lighting projects. If you choose Colorgetix, you are assured of reliable and high quality products. Colorgetix can deliver the LED strip in a plug & play manner.