Twiga CW flexible LED strip – Single color – RGB – SMD5050 30LED p/m

Art. Nr.:11326


Twiga CW LED strip

The Twiga CW LED strip from Colorgetix Colorlines series is a flexible LED strip with a capacity of 7,2W per meter. The LED lighting strip has a voltage of 24v DC. The Twiga CW LED strip is a solid LED lighting strip and therefore a popular LED strip from the Colorlines series.

Colorgetix Colorlines Twiga CW LED strip

The Twiga CW LED strip has an IP level of IP65. The strip is entirely closed off, safe to touch and offers full protection against dust. De Twiga CW LED strip can resist against drops of water, but is not water resistant. There are 30 type SMD5050 LEDs per meter. For perfect measurement, the LED strip can be cut after every 10 cm. Colorgetix offers the possibility to solder the LED strip to a preferred size.

Mounting Colorgetix Colorlines Twiga CW LED strip

To attach the Colorgetix Twiga CW LED strip, you only have to remove the 3M layer on the backside of the LED strip. Make sure the surface is free of grease and dust, in order to attach the LED strip properly. When placing the LED strip, make sure to carefully put pressure on the LED strip so no damage is caused to the LED lights. If needed, Colorgetix can deliver special LED placement profiles, which gives even more possibilities in attaching LED strips.

Dimming Colorgetix Colorlines Twiga CW LED strip

It is also possible to dim the Colorgetix Colorlines Twiga CW LED strip. To choose your ideal illumination level, you can connect the LED strip to the Colorgetix Colorcontroller Gallo 0-10 v 1 x 8A 5-24 volts DC and an Alce LED dimming Colorcontroller 12-24 volts DC 8A. The Twiga CW LED strip is controllable with every 0-10 volts potentiometer. To connect the Twiga CW LED strip, a LED driver from the Colordriver series is needed. The right Colorgetix Colordriver for LED lighting depends on the length of the LED strip in meters, and the amount of watts per meter on the LED strip; The length of the LED strip in meters x The amount of watts per meter = The necessary watts for the driver. Caution! Always add an extra 10% to the amount of watts needed, there is no maximum amount of watts allowed, but the driver may never have a too low operating capacity. Colorgetix can deliver the LED strip in a plug & play manner.


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Colorgetix has a wide range of LED lighting and offers a wide range of possibilities for various lighting projects. If you choose Colorgetix, you are assured of reliable and high quality products. Colorgetix can deliver the LED strip in a plug & play manner.


Type of LED:
Amount of LED’s:
Beam angle:
Shortest cut distance:
IP Standard:
Ampere (max):
Maximum to connect:
7,2 W per meter
30 per meter
120 °
10 cm
IP 65
0.3 Ampère
24V DC
5 Ampère
Role 5 meter
11 mm
4 mm